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  • Name: Sian
  • Age: 31
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  • Location: London GB
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My Bio

I go to High School in London (england), it's probably the worst school in europe and i'm not sure how i'm surviving but i am. I've got a small circle of friends, cos i'm not exactly a social little butterfly and i like it that way. I have more enemies than i do friends which is fine cos i guess it makes me stronger, it makes me who i am, and so i'm really glad that they've done ME a favour, but not intentionally. I'm pretty quiet sometimes which i guess makes me an easy target, but i'm self-confident, i don't need to prove myself to anyone...

My Occupation


My Hobbies

Surfing the net, Talking with my friends on the net, Writing Poems, Listening to depressing, loud rock music, Reading Short Stories written by people online, reading books in general...ohh...dying my hair blue/purple and scarying young children!

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